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Our Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dieta include :


  • Free Pick up From Airport or hotel, one day before the diet begins .

  • Consultation with one of our shamans .

  • Cleansing with strong purgative plants.

  • Two Ayahuasca ceremonies per week with our experienced shamans.

  • Master plants/trees personally chosen for you by the Maestro/shaman.

  • All meals provided in line with traditional dieta process, yet providing for most dietary requirements such as allergies, vegan, etc. Meals delivered to your hut. Two meals a day.

  • Accommodation in your private hut in solitude as an essential part of the diet. 

  • All day access to English speaking staff and facilitators.

  • Once a week visit from one of our shamans.

  • Plant baths to assist in the healing process.

  • One free day post diet for each week diet.

  • Small groups up to 8 guests in each dieta.

Diets Prices:

One week         - $900 USD

Two weeks       - $1800 USD

Three week      - $2400 USD

One month       - $3000 USD


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