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About our Plant Diets

We are proud to offer a traditional Peruvian shamanic diet. The objective of a diet is to connect with the master plant teachers energy and consciousness. How is it done?  In the diet we are isolated in our hut in the Jungle, we keep a simple food diet and open our energetic bodies to receive the plant’s energy. We find it important to distinguish the work we do from the common ayahuasca touristic retreat centers to be found. First, the work we do is not all about ayahuasca, yes we run ceremonies with strong medicine and powerful shamans, but the essence of the work we do is connecting to the teacher plants. Second, the work is done in an isolated environment, when doing a diet in a big group of people, one might get caught up in the surrounding energies and diet the energy of the people around him, rather than the plant’s energy. We keep our dieters isolated so they can go into a deep healing and cleansing process. Food will be delivered to your hut, as well as the medicines and plant baths. The only time you’ll leave your hut is to bathe in the hot springs, take a mud bath, or when there’s an ayahuasca ceremony. Not all the participants in a diet will undergo the same treatments and same diets. When arriving to Ampiri we will build a protocol of treatments, and chose your plants to diet, to suit your needs and match your goals and objectives.

We usually start the diet in a cleansing protocol, a few days in which you'll take purgatives plants that will assist you in cleaning and preparing the body to receive the plant’s energy. Than you will go into a deep diet, connect with the plant and deeper your connection to your self and nature. We also emphasize the importance of exiting the diet process slowly and safely, with a period of post diet, slowly closing our energetic bodies, gradually go back to eating different foods, for every week diet we offer a free day of integration and post diet.

Diet rules

According to Amazonian tradition, a specific diet is followed at the beginning of your process.

Food  diet : No salt, sugar including fruits or any spices , no fried foods, fatty ones, caffeine, red meat, pork & dairy products.

Diet from Sex or any sexual energy including thoughts or dreams.

Isolation from all outer stimuli, such as phones, books and music.

One is recommended to stay alone in the hut with minimum communications with other people, specially the ones who are dieting. 

Guests dieting must follow the curanderos and staff instructions at all times. During the registration process, guests will receive an email with the diet instructions and rules. This agreement is to be brought to Ampiri printed and signed.

Post diet rules

We see a very important role of the integration process after the diet.

After dieting plants, specially after a long diet, your body becomes so sensitive and open, which makes you vulnerable to food, people, and emotions.

At the end of your diet, the maestro gives you salt to cut the diet, and you can start eating gradually again fruits & food with salt.

The idea here is to slowly let the work you have done settle. Also, just because you take salt, doesnt mean your body will be back to normal like the flick of a switch.  You body will take time to close the open energy field and adjust back to normal.

These weeks following your diet are critical for your success.

The idea is to slowly integrate back to your normal diet, avoiding prohibited food and sexual contact, alcohol, stress, and anxiety or anxious people.

Its recommended to eat food at room temperature, no restaurants, no cold beverages, ice creams or dairy, hot chili pepper red meat & pork.

Guests will receive full detailed post diet instructions at the end of their diet.

In the following video Gabriel explains the essence of plant diets:

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