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Amazonian medicine and plant diet | May to August 2024 | Ampiri Hot Springs - Peru


This is our main program - At Ampiri, the amazon jungle in Peru. Gabriel and Reyna will escort you in your way for self healing, learning nature's medicine way, and connect to your teacher plants.

Please read more about plant diets here.

  • Recommended 4 weeks program ( 2 and 3 weeks possible as-well)

  • You will be isolated in a private hut in the Jungle. All you need will be served to your hut (food, your daily medicinal plants and plant baths) 

  • Connect to your master teacher plant (or tree)

  • Join us on our unique Ayahuasca ceremonies with Gabriel and Reyna

  • Meet our unique  and powerful cleansing plants

  • Gabriel will build the program to suit your needs and desires after a consultation talk

  • Read more about plant diets Here

  • Price for the 4 weeks retreat is $3000 USD, you can also join us for 3 weeks $2400 USD or 2 weeks $1800 USD. The price includes all your expenses throughout the retreat. 

  • We offer free integration and resting days  before and after the retreat, 1 free day for each paid week.

    Diet Dates 2024 :​     

May 1 - June 2 Fully Booked

June 2 - July 3 Fully Booked

July 3 - August 3 Fully Booked

* The dates relate to date of arrival and date of leaving. 

Soon, We will be taking booking for the 2025 season.



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