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Why Choose Ampiri?

Besides the beautiful location in the jungle with lots of birds, monkeys, and other wildlife, besides the amazing hot mineral springs that washes away all of your aches, pains, and anxiety, Why come to Ampiri? For the teachings!

Unlike most Ayahuasca centric tourist retreat centers, Ampiri takes a different approach. First, we keep all groups small and personal .This gives us the opportunity to work with each person individually and create a personalized program according to each persons' specific needs.

 Next, we offer a deep teaching not just about Ayahuasca, but Amazonian plant medicine and magic. The use and preparation of many plants, specific methods and techniques.   

The most important part of any study or practice is the foundation. Without a solid base, a building cannot ever be constructed correctly. Here at Ampiri we apply this simple logic. Our main focus is to give students a proper understanding of the fundamentals of natural medicine and naturalism.  Students at Ampiri develop a strong foundation like the root or trunk of a big tree, planted firmly in the earth. We provide a specific teaching the student can take with them and build upon the rest of their life. The teaching at Ampiri is not limited in scope to just Amazonian plants. The knowledge is multi platform and can be applied anywhere in the world. In fact, we encourage students to explore nature and identify indigenous plants of their home countries. We give you the tools to become a vegetalista, or naturalist anywhere. We transmit a broad body of knowledge and wisdom, the methodology, and proper technique in order to ensure the success of the student.

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