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Exclusive Agua de Florida Large 100ml



Agua de florida by Ampiri is a perfume grade flower water produced using the most exceptional and rare plant essences.  
Perfect for use in healing, purification, protections, and ceremonial work. 

Gabriel started producing this formulation in the 2000's as an answer the the commercial Agua de Florida. Commercial Agua de Florida such as the famous "Murray Y Lanman" brand have all but forgotton their natural origins. The Murray brand started production in 1808. Created by the perfumer Robert L. Murray, the original recipes used all natural citrus and spice essences and oils. 

With the evolotion of chemicals and fragrance technology over the last 100 years, all of the original ingredients have been replaced with synthetic aroma chemicals.
 This was worrisom as Agua de Florida is used heavily in Perú. Often times it is drank or put into the mouth and sprayed onto a patient for healing. Many of the healing traditions in Perú, whether it be jungle, Andean or costal, use this "soplay" or spray method with the mouth. This technique is very common among "perfumeros". Or, those that use perfumes to heal.

For Gabriel, the idea to create an all natural Agua de Florida for his work became imperative. 

At the time, Gabriel had allready been working with and sourcing some very rare and precious oils from Asia and India such as Hydrodistilled rose oíl (ruh gulab) , Oudh or Agarwood oíl,  Real Mysore and Tamil Sandalwood oils, and traditionally produced attars etc. 

Since he had access to a wide spectrum of the most exceptional and rare raw materials, Gabriel embarked upon a journey to produce the most exquisite Agua de Florida. The idea was to produce the purest and energetically charged flower water. Not for sale, but solely for use in his work. 

Now, after over 15 years, and many requests, we have decided to produce our Private Reserve Agua de Florida in small quantities on offer. Continuing along the path of aromatic bliss and high standards set forth according to Gabriel's original recipes, join us! 

All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. 
Available in 55ml and 110 ml glass bottle. 
Wild Orange
Bergamot Italy
Neroli Egypt (steam distilled) 
Lavender French mountain wild
Rose Otto Bulgarian (hydrodistilled)
Sandalwood Tamil 20 year (supreme heart wood) 
Amberi Attar 15 year(over 20 precious herbs distilled into sandalwood)
Jasmin absolute
Estoraque Peru
Alcohol Organic
Distilled water

Exclusive Agua de Florida large 100ml

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