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Amazonian tradition   plant diet

In recent years, ayahuasca has received most of the fame of the amazonian medicine tradition, but the reality in the jungle is that plant diets are the main form of healing and learning. Ayahuasca is just a tool and accessory.


Why is the plant diet so important?

The plant diet gives the person the chance to connect on a deep level, physically and spiritually to the conscious intelligence of the plant being dieted.


A contract is made with the plant , so the person dieting makes major sacrifices in their lifestyle for a period of time. These sacrifices are a form of payment to the plant. In return, the person dieting is able to connect to the essence or spirit of the plant and receive direct healing & learning from the plant.

These powerful plants are called : Plantas Maestras or teacher plants.


Gabriel, Reyna and the Hot river

Ampiri is a place of healing, teaching and rejuvenation.

Located in the Amazonian jungle, on the world's largest hot thermal river.


Gabriel and Reyna are the teachers at Ampiri, and they will escort you in your way for self healing, learning nature's medicine way, and connect to your teacher plants.

Gabriel Is the lead teacher at Ampiri. A naturalist with over 20  years of dedicated study in plant medicine, fasting and  diet, Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge and also the clever ability to convey this knowledge to the western mind.

Reyna brings the powerful, nurturing, and loving  grandmother energy to Ampiri. She specializes in Woman’s issues, letting go of pain  and traumas, and is always enthusiastic about teaching the medicine and the proper way to do diet.


2019 Diets
 May - October

Recommended 4 weeks program (3 weeks possible as-well). You will be isolated in a privet hut in the Jungle. all you need will be served to your hut (food, your daily medicinal plants). Connect to your master teacher plant (or tree)

Join us on our unique Ayahuasca ceremonies with Gabriel and Reyna.

Meet our unique cleansing plants.

Gabriel will built the program to suit your needs and desires after a consultation talk.


Price for the 4 weeks retreat is 2500 euro, you can also join us for 3 weeks 2000 euro. The price includes all your expanses throughout the retreat.​

We offer free integration and resting days after the retreat, one free day for each paid week. 

Retreat dates 2019:

  • May 10 - June 6

  • June 13 - July 11

  • July 18 - Aug 15

  • Sep 26 - Oct 24

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