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Ampiri Hot Springs location

Ampiri is located on a giant thermal river next to the river pachitea, a tributary of the Ucayali, two hours from Pucallpa, Peru. Close to the small village of Honoria, 15 minutes by boat.

Guests will be picked up from the city center of Pucallpa, or directly from the airport.

Mama Reyna

Reyna brings the powerful, nurturing, and loving  grandmother energy to Ampiri. One of the principal founders of Santuario many years ago, Reyna has found her way back to  aguas calientes, this time in all of her form. Reyna specializes in Woman’s issues, letting go of pain  and traumas, and is always enthusiastic about teaching the medicine and the proper way to do diet.In ceremony, Reyna is  unbelieveable, sometimes singing the whole night. Reyna spent many years suffering doing diet. Now, she  brings her knowledge to share and help heal sick  people.

Gabriel Patric Lynch

Gabriel Is the lead teacher at Ampiri. A naturalist with over 20  years of dedicated study in plant medicine, fasting and  diet, Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge and also the clever ability to convey this knowledge to the western mind.  Early in his study, Gabriel was a complete raw foodist  for a number of years and can teach many things about  different types of healing diets and other plant based  systems including: Western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Chinese  herbs. Having lived in China and Asia for a number of years,  Gabriel also teaches traditional Taoist Nei Gong meditation,  Kung Fu: Southern Dragon and Bak Mei fighting systems  as well as Taoist medicine.In the Amazon, Gabriel spent many years living in native villages and jungle doing  long isolation diets. As a result, Gabriel learned to sing  powerful icaros in native dialects such as Quechua and  Shipibo. Gabriel is a very serious teacher, and expects  commitment and results from his students. Some of his  specialties include strange undiagnosable illnesses,  curse removal, and entity, spirit/demon removal.



Tel. +51-916-935-459


FB: Ampiri Amazonian Medicine

Honoria, Peru



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